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IT Solutions

  • Our mission is to meet the needs of our customers from the joint elaboration of projects, to their feasibility with the implementation of these solutions, always with the advice of professionals and partners with high technical qualification and under the guidance of standards and quality assurance procedures, we provide:

  • Structured Networks Implementation, Configuration and Maintenance Services; 

  • Server Configuration Services (Files, e-mail, Database and Print);

  • Website development through web technologies to create a wide variety of interactive portals;

  • Management of social networks, where adjustments are created that interest your target audience, thus increasing your brand's presence on the internet.;

  • Technical assistance service for computers, printers, monitors, notebooks and networks.

Public Management Systems

  • HEALTH: An evolution in public health administration through communication and information technology. An incomparable degree of precision, ease and comfort in bringing quality and values to the administrators and citizens of the municipality;

  • EDUCATION: Escolar is a computerized system that allows total and integrated control of the academic area of public educational institutions;

  • ADMINISTRATION: Systems for integrating information from secretaries including AI (artificial intelligence).

supply of equipment

  • Commercialization of Computers, Monitors, Notebooks, No-breaks, Tablets, Peripherals and equipment in general for IT infrastructure;

  • Print Server Rental: We have the solution and manage an entire printing infrastructure with the supply of all products, services, supplies and logistics.

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