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Foreign trade

Norden Corporate Solutions operates in the various segments of Foreign Trade and has been increasing the incentive for setting up new companies in the Amazon. Highlight for Barcarena, a municipality in the state of Pará, with its port and logistics vocations, in addition to an industrial district, with the capacity to receive large companies, integrated in the aluminum, fertilizers, kaolin chain and now also with a new energy matrix, or natural gas.

Barcarena-PA currently provides a series of opportunities for the implementation of new companies with characteristics of verticalization in the aluminum, grains and fertilizers chains.

Below is a list of services provided by NORDEM:

•    Opening of an Exporting and/or Importing company.
•    Link to Radar/SISCOMEX of RFB CNPJ and/or CPF.
•    Customs clearance.
•    Structuring a foreign trade department in companies.
•     Flowchart assembly, information and foreign trade (financial, information and trade/service)
•    Tax classification of goods and services
•     Framework and Analysis for the Use of Economic Complementation Agreements. (Naladi, Mercosur and SGP among others).
•    Monitoring the issuance of certificates of origin.
•    Consulting for Direct Import and/or Import on account and order and/or shipment by order.
•    Direct and indirect export consultancy.
•    Tax analysis of Import and Export operations.
•    Parameterization of systems and issuance of invoices for Import and Export.
•    Export Pricing.
•    Import Pricing.
•    ROI of export project
•    ROI of Import projects.
•    Import Logistics Consulting (Sea, Air, Rail, Pipeline, In-land Freight and special service conditions from EXW to DDP)
•    Export Logistics Consulting (Sea, Air, Rail, Pipeline, In-land Freight and special service conditions from EXW to DDP)
•     Fictitious Export Consultancy
•    Temporary export for fairs and events.
•    Temporary Export for maintenance or repair.
•     Consultancy in Special Customs Regimes (DTA, Customs Transit, Temporary Admission, Drawback, Customs Warehouse, Temporary Export, Industrial Warehouse under computerized control, RECOM, REPETRO REPEX, Duty Free Store, Special Deposit, Customs and Certified Customs, Free Deposit, RECOF, REPORT
•    AFRMM reduction or suspension analysis.
•    Customs Warehouse for Oil & Gas.
•    Feasibility analysis and projects with various special regimes, exchange and termination of regimes.
•     Analysis and BK projects (Capital Goods) with tax reduction for non-similar.
•    Administrative Questions, registration with Consenting bodies, creation of automatic or non-automatic Import Licenses.
•    Analysis of Safeguard, Dumping and Anti-Dumping Measures.
•    Logistics and Offshore Purchasing (Multiple countries)
•    Financial and Foreign Exchange Consulting.
•    Finance and advisory services in structured operations: simple foreign exchange, purchase and sale, currency hedging and over-the-counter and stock exchange operations (contracts and mini-contracts of dollar, derivatives in general, national and international) with opening of accounts in brokers in Brazil and Offshore, ACC, ACE, advice in the contracting of SWAP's.

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